Thistletop Upper Rooms 11-20

  • Thistletop C11 Trophy Hall
  • C12 Food Stores: This door has been nailed shut; it can be opened with a DC 24 Strength check, or by a DC 10 Disable Device check and 1d4 minutes of work.

    "This storeroom is half-filled with crates, barrels, and large sacks of grain . A small hole has been
    chopped into the lower side of one of the barrels, allowing pickles and brine to drain out and giving the room a singular stink of vinegar."

    Like all goblins, the Thistletop goblins enjoy eating. The broken pickle barrel is something of a recent scandal here; none of the goblins are confessing to the crime, and Warchief Ripnugget has become flustered enough by the vandalism that he's threatened to lock whoever's responsible in with the "monster" in area C18 once he finds out who's responsible. Until then, Ripnugget has had the door nailed shut to prevent future crimes.
  • Thistletop C13 Pickle Thieves
  • Thistletop C14 Barracks
  • Thistletop C15 Eastern Guard Tower
  • Thistletop C16 Exercise Yard
  • C17 Storage Shed: "Shelves lined with crude tools, nets, and tack for goblin dogs line the walls here. To the northeast stands a large L-shaped wooden cage that contains dozens of rabbits."

    The rabbits are used to feed the goblin dogs, while the other tools here are used to train the creatures. In emergencies, the rabbits can serve the goblins as backup food supplies, but goblins who snack on rabbits before the rest of the food runs out are generally thrown into the Howling Hole, under Chief Ripnugget's "steal food, become food" policy.
  • Thistletop C18 Caged Horse
  • Thistletop C19 Throne Room
  • C20 Food Storage: The door to this room is locked; the key is carried by Chief Ripnugget. The lock can be picked with a DC 20 Disable Device check.

    "This foul-smelling butchery is a horrifying affront to all the senses. Haunches of poorly smoked meat hang from hooks along the ceiling or lie heaped in and atop crates. In some cases, the meat seems to be dog or horse, but in many other cases, the meat has all-too-recognizable features, like feet, hands, or grimacing faces."

    This food store contains the goblins' favorite food, the meat of their vanquished enemies. The fate of several missing travelers and merchants is revealed here, although no single body is intact enough to be easily recognizable.

Thistletop Upper Rooms 11-20

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