Thistletop C7 Gogmurts Lair

"A tangle of vines han g from the thorny ceiling of this chamber, each suspending a clattering collection of bird skulls, rib bones, teeth, and other bits of gruesome decor. In a few places the vines droop all the way to the floor. A large nest of nettles and thorny vines sits to the south, a halo of half-eaten dead birds and rats in dicating that whatever sleeps there eats in its bed."

Gogmurt has served Warchief Ripnugget as an advisor and the Thistletop goblins as a spiritual leader for many years, but over the last few months, the presence of "the longshanks" (Nualia and her allies) has been an unwelcome thorn in Gogmurt's side. He argued against the attack on Sandpoint, reasoning it would only rile up the humans and visit eventual retaliation in the form of hunting dogs, horse-mounted soldiers, and adventurers. Yet Nualia's words made more sense to Ripnugget, who then chose to ignore Gogmurt's advice. The bitter goblin druid has all but washed his hands ofthe tribe as a result, and in his foul mood has ordered more goblin refugees
than necessary into the Howling Hole.

Gogmurt has been brooding here for days, and has been expecting adventurers to strike at Thistletop at any time, day or night. While he doesn't agree with Ripnugget's current tactics , he remains loyal to the idea of the Thistletop goblin tribe, and reacts swiftly to defend this area once he hears intruders . His woodland stride ability gives him incredible mobility in this area; he can step though the thorny walls with ease during fights. He hasn't been sleeping lately, and has taken to casting lesser restoration daily to fight off fatigue.

Before Encounter: Once made aware of the presence of the PCs, Gogmurt will prepare based upon how much time he believes he has. He will prioritize using Speak with Animals and then Animal Messenger to send a thrush to alert Chief Ripnugget of intruders. If the PCs are close enough, he will cast Flame Blade to be ready to enter battle.
Encounter: Gogmurt
During Encounter: Gogmurt will open the first two rounds by using his two scrolls of Summon Nature's Ally III. He will summon Axebeaks and direct them to attack the PCs. He will then use his mobility with Woodland Stride to flank and attack any PCs who look to be having the most trouble. Gogmurt will also target the strongest looking PC to cast Entangle on.  Once the duration of the Flame Blade runs out, Gogmurt will use his wand of produce flame to make hit and run ranged attacks from the walls. Gogmurt will also retreat into the walls when brought below 10 HP. If he runs out of healing, he will attempt to flee to the north, using his Wildshape if necessary, to warn Chief Ripnugget of the PCs. If surrounded or captured, Gogmurt's resolve breaks and he sobs for mercy.
After Encounter: If the PCs capture Gogmurt alive , he responds to interrogation attempts with cursing and spitting unless he's made friendly (his initial attitude is hostile) with a Diplomacy check, successfully intimidated, or reduced to 5 or fewer hit points. At this point, the craven druid sobs for mercy. He knows that the PCs are here for what the goblins did to Sandpoint, and tries to justify the assault by saying it was all the longshank's fault before clapping a hand over his mouth when he realizes he probably just insulted his captors.

Gogmurt knows that Warchief Ripnugget has become enthralled with several taller folk of late, in particular a "very angry woman with white hair and weird eyes and a torn-up belly" whom he suspects Ripnugget has become infatuated with. The chieftain has certainly been placing a lot of trust in this strange woman's advice-it was at her urging that assault on Sandpoint took place. Gogmurt has distanced himself from the chieftain and these new allies, not wanting to be tainted by her bad ideas. He does know that she has four dangerous allies of her own: a brutish bugbear mercenary named Bruthazmus who lived for many years in a hut on the northeastern side of Nettlewood, a quiet human man who wears lots of metal armor, a dark-skinned violent human woman who's used fire to scorch several goblins who got too close to her, and a male half-elf who seems too happy all the time and who sometimes plays the flute . Gogmurt suspects that the half elf and the angry woman with the torn-up belly are lovers, because he's seen them "going at it like donkey rats" in the woods at times. He woefully mutters that this news only made Chief Ripnugget angrier when the druid tried to use it in an attempt to win back his chieftain's favor. "Worse than a harpy, that one!" Gogmurt spits. Then he quickly clarifies his
accusation: "The woman. Not Chief Ripnugget. Don't tell him I called her a harpy!"

Gogmurt begs the PCs not to hurt any more goblins , pointing out that the angry lady and her friends are the real troublemakers. If they can get into Ripnugget's fort to the north and get rid of them, Gogmurt promises that no goblin will ever bother Sandpoint again-a promise he can't possibly honor, but he's desperate enough to say anything. He refuses to accompany the PCs north. If he's forced to come with them, his piteous sobbing and sniffling should make stealth close to impossible.

Thistletop C7 Gogmurts Lair

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