Thistletop C2 Thistle Tunnels

"A four-foot-high tun nel winds through the dense briars and nettles. The floor is hard-packed earth, with patches of wiry plants growing stubbornly here and there."

Large creatures must crawl to navigate the thistle tunnels . Bipedal Medium creatures can navigate them by stooping over and hunkering down, effectively squeezing to move, and thus taking a 4 penalty on attack rolls and a -4 penalty to AC; such characters must spend 2 squares of movement for each square traveled. Small and smaller creatures can move about normally, as can most quadrupedal Medium creatures (including goblin dogs). The larger chambers within all have higher ceilings, wherein these penalties do not apply to Medium creatures.

Although the ceilings and walls of these tunnels consist of tangled, thorny vines, a character who brushes against them need not worry about damage. A character pushed into a wall must make a DC 15 Reflex save to avoid taking 1 point of damage (characters in heavy armor automatically make this save).

A creature with the woodland stride ability (such as any druid of at least 2nd level) can move through these tunnels without penalty, despite size, and can even pass through the tangled briars with ease, effectively walking through the walls of this area. Gogmurt the goblin druid uses this ability to great effect when defending the area, but certainly doesn't expect to ever face enemy druids who can do the same.

It's possible to hack a new path through the briars with any slashing weapon. A 5-foot
square section of briars has hardnes s 1 and 40 hit points. Hacking at briars counts as being pushed into a wall for chances of taking damage from the nettles and thorns.

A character who searches for tracks in the thistle tunnels automatically sees the countless goblin and goblin dog prints in the soft earth. A DC 12 Survival check, however, allows a character to notice that a large object was recently dragged through the tunnels. Following these drag marks can lead a character from the entrance at area C1 directly to the exit at area C9-these signs are evidence left from the goblins' recent transportation of the unconscious horse Shadowmist through the tunnels to the fort-this horse is currently imprisoned in area C18.

Thistletop C2 Thistle Tunnels

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