Thistletop C16 Exercise Yard

"This large courtyard is open to the sky. Tenacious clumps of partially trampled grass grow fitfully here and there in the hard-packed earth, in places stained with blood or scratched with furrows. To the north, what appear to be two dead goblins lie slumped at the entrance to an outbuilding."

This yard serves the goblins as a place to exercise, to train their goblin dogs, and as an impromptu arena. Warchief Ripnugget often uses this area to challenge creatures and prisoners brought back by raiders (typically horses and dogs , but sometimes actual humanoid prisoners).

Six goblin dogs have been left to run free in this yard. The slavering creatures often scratch at the walls around area C18 to torment the creature within, but otherwise have fun chasing each other and fighting.

Encounter: 6 Goblin Dogs

Thistletop C16 Exercise Yard

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