Thistletop C10

"The stockade is made o f thick wood . Closer inspection reveals that most of the wood seems to have been scavenged from ships-a few nameplates remain affixed to some of the beams, while other timbers look like they might have once been masts."

The front doors leading into area C11 are barred from the inside if the alarm has been raised; otherwise they hang ajar. The walls of the stockade itself can be scaled with a DC20 Climb check. Note that while the stockade is made of wood, the damp sea air and thick layers of soggy moss and lichen that grow here and there make it difficult to burn without significant work-a fortunate feature indeed, for most goblin dens made of wood don't last much longer than it takes for the first goblin to light a fire.

Six goblins mounted on goblin dogs patrol the grounds surrounding the stockade, but being goblins, they are easily distracted. Unless the alarm has been raised, the four goblins are gathered to the northwest of the stockade, enraptured by a game of "killgull," a mean-spirited pastime in which a seagull is caught and a 30-foot length of twine is tied to its leg while the far end is held by a goblin. The other goblins take turns trying to pelt the gull out of the sky with thrown rocks, while the goblin holding the twine tries to help the gull avoid being hit by tugging and yanking the twine. Each goblin gets three throws. If the gull still lives at the end, the goblin holding the twine wins. Otherwise, the goblin whose stone kills the gull wins. Whoever wins gets to eat the seagull. Whatever's left over is then used to attract new seagulls. While the goblins play, they let their goblin dogs wander around as they will, although the creatures generally run around the goblins and shriek and yap at the gulls.

Encounter: 6 Goblin Warriors and 6 Goblin Dogs

Thistletop C10

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