The Foxglove Haunts

While Vorel Foxglove is the primary evil spirit that haunts Foxglove Manor, it is not the only one. The house's condition as a surrogate phylactery has captured the spirits of six deaths, and each of these deaths gives rise to haunts with a particular set of features that makes them more likely to affect certain characters. A seventh category of haunts exists in Foxglove Manor as well, these are universal haunts powered by the collective unquiet energy from all six spirits, and as such function as normal haunts. Haunts themselves are detailed in full on pages 242-243 of the GameMastery Guide-you should be sure to familiarize yourself with those rules before running this part of the campaign.

Before the PCs enter Foxglove Manor, you should assign one of six categories to each PC, jotting down their assignments on a piece of paper (do not reveal them to the PCs). When a haunt of a certain category manifests, it only affects the assigned PC-other characters can aid the PC in question and can even observe the haunt's effects, but are not endangered by that haunt's effects. When assigning haunt categories to your PCs, try to keep one PC to a haunt-if you have more than six PCs in your group, though, you'll either need to double up on some of them or invent new categories of your own. No PC should be as signed to more than one haunt; if you have fewer than six PCs in your group, unassigned haunts become universal haunts.

  • Universal Haunts: These haunts affect everyone in the vicinity-they represent the combined spiritual energy of all six unquiet spirits bound to the Misgivings.
  • Burning Haunt (Cyralie Foxglove): Cyralie Foxglove tried to burn Foxglove Manor down when she realized it was driving her husband Traver mad, but succeeded only in burning down the servants' building before she was slain by a Vorel-influenced Traver. Burning haunts should be assigned to a violent PC, the PC with the greatest obsession with fire, or the PC most prone to loneliness and depression.
  • Festering Haunt (Vorel Foxglove): These haunts are associated with Vorel's painful death, consumed by the necromantic backlash that unleashed a thousand diseases in his flesh. This haunt should be assigned to a male PC, a PC who has a history of disease or a fear of sickness, or the PC who is the most accepting of necromancy and the undead.
  • Insane Haunt (Traver Foxglove): An accomplished hunter and loyal husband, Traver managed to resist Vorel's influence for many years but was eventually driven to deeper and deeper madness. This haunt should be as signed to the most impulsive PC, or to the PC regarded by the players as the least trustworthy or most prone to unexpected actions.
  • Obsessed Haunt (Aldern Foxglove): This haunt plays off of Aldern's obsession with one of the PCs as much as it does Vorel's obsession with endless life. This haunt should be assigned to the PC with whom Aldern is obsessed.
  • Vengeful Haunt (Iesha Foxglove): This haunt is associated with Aldern's murdered wife lesha, and carries with it a burning need for revenge and retribution. This haunt should be assigned to a PC who has expressed a need for revenge, or who is currently involved in a romantic relationship.
  • Wrathful Haunt (Kasanda Foxglove): Linked to Vorel's wife, this haunt is infused with Vorel's rage and hatred of women and augmented by his wife's betrayal and disruption of the lichdom ritual he attempted moments before his death. This haunt should be assigned to a female PC, or to a character who has had some form of betrayal affect her in the past.

    Destroying the Haunts: All of the haunts in Foxglove Manor share the same destruction requirement. As long as the patch of supernatural fungus in area B37 persists, the haunts in the manor above automatically reset every day. See area B37 for the methods by which the haunting of Foxglove Manor can be ended.

The Foxglove Haunts

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