Glassworks rooms A11- A23

  • A11 Meeting Room: The staff meets here to discuss work schedules or large projects.
  • A12 Reception: Customers seeking custom glass jobs or looking for business opportunities to export glass meet with a representative here to arrange business.
  • A13 Office: A smaller office for more private meetings with important customers.
  • A14 Files: Several cabinets and shelves containing files and contracts with dozens of exporters and businesses from Magnimar, Korvosa, and other local towns fill this room.
  • A15 Preparation: The primary agents for glassmaking (sand, soda ash, and lime) are prepared here.
  • A16 Loading Room: A wheelbarrow sits against a wall here, and shelves on the walls contain additional reagents to create different colors of glass (manganese for clear glass, cobalt for blue, and tin for white; untreated glass is green, while a high quantity of any reagent makes black glass). A safe on the floor hangs open after Tsuto used his father's key to open it and stole the gold and silver used to make red and yellow glass. Through a doorway, stairs lead down to area A19.
  • A17 A furnace burns along the southeast wall of this room. Marble tables sit in the chamber, used to work raw glass into usable shapes, with nearby wooden tables cluttered with various tools of the trade. The building's furnace rumbles loudly, penalizing Perception checks with a -4 penalty. The main furnace burns at the northeast end, a large chamber that utilizes alchemically treated wood that burns with a hot blue light. The workers use this room to melt glass, but Lonjiiku also periodically "rented" the furnace to Sczarni thugs for the disposal of evidence, as the fires are hot enough to burn bones and teeth. A creature bull rushed or otherwise placed in the furnace takes 6d6 points of fire damage per round. The opening is narrow enough to prevent a Medium creature from being pushed inside easily (bull rush attempts to do so take a -8 penalty). As the furnace's stone pipes run southwest, they reach smaller and progressively cooler furnaces used to keep glassworking projects at the proper temperature-glass shatters if it's allowed to cool too quickly.

    When the PCs arrive, this room is a gruesome display of goblin boredom. The bodies of the eight murdered staff lie in various stages of dismemberment; the goblins have been burning legs and arms in the furnace with glee, and pouring melted glass on the remains in an attempt to duplicate Tsuto's masterpiece. This would be his father's body, propped up in a chair in the central alcove and encased in thick, runny sheets of hardened glass.

    This is where the P C s are most likely to encounter Tsuto's goblins-see "Against the Goblins" for details on this fight.
  • A18 Stairs: These stairs lead down to the beach below.
  • A19 Underground Storage: This room is used to stores and and other raw materials. Two wheelbarrows sit against the wall. Just east of the stairs up to area A16, a brick wall has been dismantled to reveal an older passageway leading south. This is one of two walls Rokuro Kaijitsu bricked over after he learned that several of his employee s were using the basement as a staging ground for their smuggling operation. Tsuto's goblins removed this wall and the one north of area A22 the night before the raid. With his father blackmailed, Tsuto had no worries that word of his actions unblocking these tunnels would spread.
  • A20 Storage: This room is used to store glassware, windows, and other finished goods.
  • A21 Storage: The door to this room is locked. Although the room is used for storage, Tsuto has recently turned it into an impromptu holding cell. His sister, Ameiko, lies on her side on the floor in here, bound at the wrists and ankles with rope and blindfolded and gagged with strips of leather. For more information about her reaction to being rescued, see Rescuing Ameiko on page 32.
  • A22 Secret Office: Once used by smugglers to track their illicit businesses, this room served Tsuto Kaijitsu for the past few days as a place to orchestrate his actions in Sandpoint. After murdering his father and imprisoning his sister, Tsuto drank himselfto sleep in this room. He likely wakes when a goblin fleeing from the PCs races down here to warn him of trouble (see "Against the Goblins").
  • A23 Smuggler's Entrance: The long tunnel leading from this room winds for s ome distance through the bedrock below Sandpoint. Built decades ago by smugglers, the tunnel remains stable and serviceable as it winds lazily northeast for just over 1,750 feet before reaching a dead end. A DC 20 Perception check reveals a secret door that opens into a 3 0- foo- diameter cave on
    the side of the cliff overlooking the Varisian Gulf. The cave mouth slopes down to a narrow beach; no Survival check is required to note the crude collection of goblin beds or remnants of their meals strewn about the cave.

    From the tunnel's southern half, two side tunnels branch off. One leads east to a collapse after 400 feet (it once led all the way to the Turandarok River), but the one to the west seems to have once been bricked over at the point where it diverges from the main tunnel. This westerly passageway winds for so feet before turning north for another wo feet. This tunnel was an attempt to break into what the smugglers as sumed would be the garrison basement, so that they could smuggle prisoners out for great profit. Yet what they discovered were the Catacombs of Wrath, and what the smugglers found there convinced them to brick up the tunnel and never
    speak of it again. The brick wall was torn down recently on Nualia's return to the area, after which she established contact with the quasit queen of the catacombs.

Glassworks rooms A11- A23

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