Foxglove Manor Rooms 1-10

  • Foxglove Manor B1 Ruined Servants Quarters
  • Foxglove Manor B2 Entrance Hall
  • B3 Spiral Stain: "A rather gruesome antique-what appears to be a mummified monkey head-hangs on the northern wall here, its tiny mouth gaping. A bellpull extends from the monkey's gaping mouth. A ratty throw rug partially obscures a foul stain of dark-colored mold on the floor."

    The stain under the rug is about 10 feet across, a swirling pattern of dark blue, sickly green, and black mold that grows in a spiral. If examined closely with a DC 20 Perception check, it looks almost like a bird's eye view of a spiraling staircase descending downward, with each step littered with skulls and bones. The stain itself is a harmless manifestation of Vorel's spirit, and a clue to the entrance to the caverns below-it grows back within 24 hours if scrubbed away.

    The monkey head is actually a minor wondrous item called a hungry decapitant. When the attached rope is pulled, the head gives out a shrill simian shriek akin to an alarm spell. The strange curio, one of the few remaining from Traver's time in the house, was used to signal the start of dinner. It can be removed from the wall easily, and continues to function thereafter. It's worth 500 gp.
  • Foxglove Manor B4 Dining Room
  • Foxglove Manor B5 Lounge
  • Foxglove Manor B6 Washroom
  • Foxglove Manor B7 Dancing Parlor
  • B8 Drawing Room: "This cozy-looking drawing room is marred by the unnatural dampness and the thick sheets of mold that cling to the curtains closed over the southern window."

    A character who opens the curtains sees a brief glimpse of a forlorn woman's face reflected in the window beyond-Iesha's. The reflection vanishes an instant later and does not manifest again.
  • Foxglove Manor B9 Library
  • B10 Stairwell: As PCs traverse this flight of stairs, their footsteps echo back at them a round later, as though an invisible person were following them. Although this might seem like a supernatural haunting, the effect is purely natural-the noise is simply the floorboards settling back after they are walked upon.

Foxglove Manor Rooms 1-10

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