Foxglove Manor B1 Ruined Servants Quarters

"It's impossible to tell how many floors the outbuilding that stood here once had, for all that remains are the sooty, scorched stones of its foundation. To the east, a four-foot-wide stone well sits, partially collapsed, in the corner of the ruins."

The well drops 100 feet into a 50-foot-deep pool of rainwater. Just above the level of the water, a passageway leads southeast into area B32. An overhang makes it difficult to notice this opening from above-if the PCs can see this far into the darkness, it's a DC 35 Perception check to notice the passage from the surface.

The first time the PCs pass by this area, a few sickly looking ravens are perched atop the foundation stones; they fly clumsily away once approached. The second time the PCs pass by (likely on their way out of the manor), hundreds upon thousands of ravens sit quietly in this area, covering every square foot of the ruins. These ravens are disturbingly silent and still, watching as one as the PCs approach. As soon as anyone comes within 30 feet, the ravens take to the air and swoop to attack, only then revealing their true natures. These ravens are, in fact, six swarms of undead birds known as carrionstorms , created when carrion birds feed upon ghoul-tainted flesh. The carrionstorms can sense Vorel's influence in the area, and although the evil spirit cannot control them directly, the birds do their best to kill anyone attempting to escape the manor. They pursue foes as far as the Lost Coast Road, but do not follow those who flee back into the manor-their goal, after all, is to return the intruders to Vorel's cradle for him to deal with personally.

Encounter: Six Carrionstorms

Foxglove Manor B1 Ruined Servants Quarters

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