Chapter 1 Part 3

The main components of glass are all found in abundance nearby: sand, seaweed, salt resistant plants (the ashes of which form an important reagent in the process), and lime extracted from stone quarried from the cliffs of Devil's Platter. All that remained was the technical proficiency to work these components into glass. The fact that the building's basement once doubled as a smuggler's base is one of the Kaijitsu family's secrets. Lonjiku's more scrupulous father, Rokuro, put a stop to the smuggling operation once he realized some of his employees were involved, and bricked up the offending chambers in the basement, but knowledge that the Glassworks were once part of an early smuggling operation has persisted in the town's not-so hidden lore.

Now the Glassworks are little more than a front for the machinations of a bitter, vengeful son. When Tsuto Kaijitsu joined Nualia's group of malcontents in Magnimar a year ago, he was already in love with her. He'd seen her on the streets of Sandpoint many times, but had never had the courage to approach the mysterious beauty. So when she approached him with a job offer, he felt as if fate had finally dealt him a good hand. When he learned that her plans involved burning his hometown as an offering to her goddess, Lamashtu, Tsuto was even more thrilled-not at the opportunity to serve the goddess of monsters (Tsuto doesn't have much interest in religion) but at the chance to get revenge on the town he blamed for his bitter and joyless childhood.

Tsuto's primary responsibility to Nualia was to serve as the link between Sandpoint and Thistletop, since not only did he know the town the best, but he also had links to one of its most important citizens-his father. After blackmailing Lonjiku into aiding in the preparation of Sandpoint for the goblin raid, Tsuto had his father right where he wanted him. A few days after the raid, he sent his father a note demanding a payment of 2,000 gp or Tsuto would reveal Lonjiku's role in the raid. Infuriated, Lonjiku privately decided it was time to take care of his wife's son, once and for all. He agreed to the payment, and when he arrived at the Glassworks late one night several days after the raid, he attempted to murder Tsuto. Unfortunately for Lonjiku, Tsuto had come up with the same plan. Before Lonjiku arrived, the goblins killed all of the workers who lived on site. Tsuto and a half-dozen goblins ambushed Lonjiku as he entered the Glassworks, murdered him, and put his body on display in area A17.

Lonjiku dealt with, Tsuto sent a note to his sister, Ameiko, the one person in Sandpoint he didn't hate. He asked her to meet him at the Glassworks the night after he murdered Lonjiku, hoping to convince Ameiko to join Nualia's band. Unfortunately, he miscalculated his sister's loyalty to Sandpoint, and when she refused to join with him, he had his goblins beat her unconscious, bound her, and locked her in area A21 below the Glassworks. He's not quite sure what to do with her and plans on heading back north to Thistletop with her to ask Nualia for advice, intending to leave the Glassworks an abattoir to further throw fear into the hearts of Sandpoint's citizens.

Investigating the Glassworks
Against the Goblins
Interrogating Tsuto
Rescuing Ameiko
Catacombs of Wrath

Chapter 1 Part 3

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