Catacombs of Wrath

This site was originally a laboratory and prison run by a cruel man named Xaliasa, who had given his soul to the demon Lamashtu in return for eldritch and dark p owers . He was a cleric of Lamashtu in the service of Runelord  Alaznist, but unknown to her, Xaliasa was also a secret assassin pledged to Karzoug. Working as a double agent eventually drove Xaliasa mad, and he came to be known to his minions as the Scribbler. He was thought to have perished in the currently inaccessible lower levels of the catacombs when Thassilon fell and Alaznist's empire sank under the sea. Yet not all of his allies perished-his quasit minion Erylium survived.

After spending centuries alone and trapped in the dark catacombs, Erylium went somewhat insane as well. Originally obsessed with escaping, she eventually came to see the complex as her own private empire. The zombies imprisoned in area B9 became her subjects, and the vargouille guardian of area B4 her pet. She pored over the crumbling texts and notes left behind by her master, and eventually became a witch, selecting Lamashtu as her demonic patron as had her master so long ago. And for thousands of years more, Erylium ruled her tiny realm with petty cruelty and glee.

When smugglers broke into the catacombs only 4 decades ago, they caught Erylium off guard. Rather than attempting to trick the intruders into serving her, she attacked them and scared them off. By the time she'd recovered from her triumphant celebrations, they'd already bricked up her escape route. Yet the event had done the trick and broken the quasit out of her madness.

Over the next 4 decades , she listened for countless hours at the top of the ruined stairs at area B5, eager to learn more of those whom she soon came to think of as the Enemy Above. Every week, Erylium used her commune ability to learn more and more about Sandpoint from her demonic patron, or sent her black wren familiar out to spy. As the years wore on, Lamashtu's cryptic responses and her wren's reports led Erylium to believe that something was coming, something that would provide her with a real army, and that her general was even now being groomed by Lamashtu for her glory.

Five years ago, the minor runewell located in area B13 mysteriously reactivated. Erylium saw this as a sign, and used the minor runewell to call forth several monsters called sinspawn to aid her in the times to come. Soon thereafter, Lamashtu revealed that Erylium's general was nearly ready, but that it fell to Erylium to recruit her. She would know her by her silver hair and violet eyes, a rarity in the world above. When Nualia arrived not long thereafter, a fresh convert to Lamashtu's side, Erylium took to the role of mentor with pride. The quasit knows that soon her empire shall grow.

Catacombs Areas B1-B6
Catacboms Areas B7-B13
Foreshadowing the Sinkhole

Catacombs of Wrath

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