Against the Goblins

In all, there are ten goblins in the Glassworks. If the PCs follow the sound ofbreaking glas s and evil little shrieks, they find the goblins capering and defiling the bodies of the murdered workers in area A17. Unless the PCs are particularly noisy, they should be able to reach area A17 without alerting the goblins. Give the PCs the advantage of a surprise round against the little monsters, because once the battle begins, things can get ugly quickly.

Keep in mind that this fight is in a glassworking factory. Goblins are masters of improvisational fighting, and are quick to use the environs of the room to their advantage in the following ways.

BROKEN GLASS: As the battle progresses, feel free to mark certain squares as containing broken glass. Treat these squares as ifthey contained caltrops.
FEEDING THE FURNACE: A goblin might attempt to trip a PC; if he falls prone, three goblins pile onto him and attempt to carry him into the furnace. Chances of this succeeding are nil as long as the PC isn't helpless, but it should give the PCs a bit of a hair-raising time nevertheless-especially if the PC being fed into the furnace is unconscious.
HOT GLASS TONGS: Some goblins use tongs dripping with molten glass as improvised weapons to burn the PCs.
THROWN GLASS: Goblins who can't reach a PC in melee throw bottles or sling panes of glass at them as improvised ranged attacks.

First Encounter: 8 Goblin Warriors and 2 Goblin Commandos. Two of the warriors have molten tongs instead of dogslicers (-2 touch attack that deals 1d4 Fire damage). Hurled glassware is a ranged attack made with a -3 penalty and deals 1d3 piercing damage.
During Encounter: Once at least five are dead, one of the surviving goblins recognizes the PCs as the heroes of Sandpoint, drops his weapon, and shrieks out (in Goblin), "Wait! It's those longshanks what stopped the raid! Run for your lives!" The remaining goblins panic and flee for the basement, seeking to regroup below with Tsuto.
Second Encounter: Surviving Goblins and Tsuto Kaijitsu
During Encounter: Tsuto will keep fighting until either he is brought below eight hit points or until his goblin allies are slain. In the event of this happening he will flee for his life down the smuggler's tunnel, completing forgetting about his sister, to attempt to return to Thistletop. The Goblins will fight until Tsuto is defeated, at which point any survivors will attempt to flee down the smuggler's tunnel or will surrender and beg for mercy.

Against the Goblins

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